Child Abuse Prevention

Child abuse is a serious national problem. YMCAs are
especially vulnerable to the possibilities of child abuse
because of the large number of children that pass
through our programs on a daily basis. Because of this,
the YMCA has a strong moral, legal and financial
obligation to protect the children in our care from abuse.
Given the nature of who we serve, our organization is
especially appealing to potential child abusers. It is
important that we be as rigorous as possible in screening out potential offenders, and that we train and supervise staff and volunteers to eliminate occurrences of abuse.

The safety of the children we serve must be our primary concern. For this reason, the Long Branch Area YMCA conducts various screening activities, such as: criminal background checks, possible reference checks, signed code of conduct, and child abuse prevention training, for volunteers who work with children.

The YMCA also will keep written documentation evidencing successful completion of the Child Abuse Prevention Training in each of our staff member’s personnel file who works with children.

The YMCA hereby advises and notifies parents of youth participants that we have a staff code of conduct, and that parents should report any suspicious activity to the Program Director or Executive Director.

Our coaches meetings are mandatory, as each volunteer coach must review the Child Abuse Prevention Brochure and sign authorization for a criminal background check at the coaches meeting. Coaches will not receive their official team shirt until these two requirements are met. We recognize that this may be a small inconvenience for you; however, the payoff of protecting our children is worth the effort.

And, as parents, you can feel more assured that the YMCA is taking a proactive effort to protect our young people. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the YMCA.


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YMCA Annual Meeting

The Long Branch Area YMCA Board of Directors has an Annual Meeting the third Monday each February at the Long Branch Area YMCA. YMCA members are welcome to attend. Every year at the annual meeting, eight of the twenty-four volunteer board members’ service term expires. The Board Development Committee will recommend a slate of directors and officers to be voted on by the Board of Directors. Anyone interested in serving on the YMCA Board of Directors may submit their name for consideration by the Board Development Committee to Angela Prenger, Executive Director.

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