Becoming a Member

More than a membership
We don't just sell memberships, we build relationships.
Different people choose to be Y members for different
reasons. It may be our comfortable exercise
environment, our commitment to quality, or our great
family atmosphere. Many join the Y in search of
something greater than themselves. They want to
participate in our broader mission.

Take a closer look
The Long Branch Area YMCA is a 501(c)3 tax exempt, charitable organization. Generally speaking, most people want to be associated with something good.

Often times, joining the Y and participating in Y programs serve as a means to a larger end:
The strength of our organization allows us to serve at-risk children and youth, from the very young in our Child Watch program to teens who need a safe place to go after school. Thousands of community members who walk through our doors and find a value system that infuses faith, caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility in all Y programs and services, reinforcing the same values many instill in their children, their home, and their lives.

In today's busy world, it's easy to lose sight of what's important. Your time at the Y is valuable and we work hard to help you achieve that balance between a healthy spirit, mind and body. But this connection doesn't just happen in our classes. The fellowship that's found in Y centers is refreshing. You feel a sense of belonging and new friendships are formed. This ability to connect with people gives a lift to your spirit just as much as any fitness class.

People have many different reasons for choosing the Y, but each one is ultimately fulfilled by our mission to serve. In simplest terms, we are an organization made up of good people who do good things. Who wouldn't want to be a part of that?

Sex Offender Screenings:
The YMCA conducts regular sex offender screenings on all members, participants, and guests. If a sex offender match occurs, the YMCA reserves the right to cancel membership, end program participation, and remove visitation access.

Membership Options & Fees

  Joining Fee* Bank Draft Annual
Youth (17 & under) $0 $13 $156
Adult (18-25) $25 $20 $240
Adult (26 & over) $25 $27 $324
Family $50 $38 $456

*The Joining Fee is a one-time fee as long as you remain a member. If your membership lapses for more than 30 days, a joining fee will be charged again to become a member. Members who pay annually will not be charged a join fee.

Membership Payment Options
Members can either pay the annual fee in full, or choose the monthly bank draft option. The bank draft system allows members to have their checking or savings account automatically debited each month. Choose either the 1st or the 15th of the month for your fund transfer.

The YMCA accepts cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

Download EFT Form
Download Membership Application

Cancelling Your Membership
Canceling Your Membership: If you are on bank draft, cancellation must be made 30 days prior to cancellation, in writing to become effective. Annual payment is non-refundable.

For your convenience, you may download and print a membership cancellation form from the web site.

Download Membership Cancellation Form

Day Pass Categories

Individual Day Pass $7

Family Day Pass $15

2 week Pass $25

Call the YMCA at (660)385-1818 for more information.


Did you know the YMCA offers sponsorships for membership fees and programs fees for those who qualify? The Long Branch Area YMCA is committed to educating the community on the benefits of a YMCA and one of the most important benefits is that YMCA’s do not turn anyone away due to inability to pay. If you’ve heard someone say, "I can’t afford to join the YMCA", they need to know sponsorships are available.

Requesting a sponsorship is easy and confidential. A one-page sponsorship application can be obtained from the welcome desk at the YMCA. The application must be completed and returned to the Executive Director with a copy of the applicant’s most recent tax return. After a short review with the Executive Director, the applicant will know if they qualify for a sponsorship. Sponsorships provide reduced membership fees or program fees, according to a sliding scale which takes into consideration the number of people in the family and the monthly or annual income. Extenuating circumstances like illness, loss of job, divorce, etc. can also be taken into consideration.

What is the YMCA's Sponsorship Program?
The Long Branch Area YMCA's sponsorship program provides families and children in need with financial support through reduced rates to participate in Y membership and program activities. It is not a discount program, as a generous private contributor in our community has been giving to the Annual Building Strong Community Campaign in order for every reduced rate to be given.

How long will the sponsorship continue?
The need for sponsorship for membership and program fees is reassessed once a year.

How quickly can I expect to receive a sponsorship?
This will depend on how fast you are able to complete the application, gather the requested documents and return them to the Y. After we have received the information, you can expect a call within ten business days.

May I do anything in return for the sponsorship?
Yes! Our donors especially appreciate knowing how their contributions are used, so submitting your story about how you have benefited from our Sponsorship Program would be greatly appreciated.

Download Sponsorship Form

Corporate Membership Partners

With YMCA corporate partnerships, it’s easier than ever for your employees to be active, healthy and more productive by belonging to the YMCA. A YMCA Corporate Partner is a business or organization that desires to pay for identified employees' youth, adult, or family YMCA membership, either in portion or in full. It's a great employee benefit for companies of all sizes. Contact Brandi Hartung, Member Services Director, to set up your partnership today!

If you are a business that provides reimbursement for YMCA Membership, then you are a YMCA Corporate Partner. Please contact the Y to be included in our partnership.

Free Fitness Orientations for Members

Would you feel intimidated in a fitness room? Are you unsure of where to start? Or, are you a new member and need someone to show you how to use the cardiovascular, strength training and free weight equipment? Let our friendly, experienced and qualified staff help you relax and gain a good understanding of the basic fundamental principles essential to a total fitness program. Our staff is energized and ready to help you be on your way to a better you! Contact the front desk to sign up for a free orientation today.

Facility Guidelines

Thanks to volunteers and donors we can all enjoy our YMCA. Belonging to the YMCA makes you a part of our family. Membership has privileges and responsibilities. Everyone appreciates a clean, safe and organized facility. As a membership organization, it is the responsibility of every member to take pride in caring for our facility. Please read the following points of information to make your visits to the Y more enjoyable.

Facility Guidelines:

  • All members (including children) should present their membership card to the front desk staff upon entering the YMCA.
  • The YMCA is smoke-free.
  • Profanity is not allowed at the YMCA.
  • Youth under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult—except during their class time, if they are enrolled in an instructor/coach-supervised YMCA program.
  • Children under the age of 8 must be signed into child watch or within direct parental supervision, or in an instructor/coach-supervised YMCA program.
  • Plastic, re-sealable, bottled drinks are allowed on the main level of the facility only.
  • If you perspire, please bring a towel for your YMCA activities.
  • Shirts are required.


  • Clean, dry, athletic shoes are required to utilize the YMCA.
  • We recommend that you bring a clean pair of shoes for your YMCA activities.


  • Drink, food, or gum is not allowed in the gymnasium.
  • No hanging on the basketball rims.
  • Gymnastics equipment is off limits except during YMCA instructor-supervised class time. Members may be on the large blue spring floor—please remove your shoes.

Fitness Center:

  • The Fitness Center serves member age 15 and older.
  • Members age 12 to 14 may use the fitness equipment after attending a fitness orientation and must be supervised by an adult.
  • Members under the age of 12 are not allowed in the fitness center.

Child Watch Area:

  • Child Watch serves children from age 6 weeks up to eleven years old.
  • Parents of children in Child Watch must remain in the YMCA facility.
  • Child Watch Guidelines are available at the front desk.

Walking Track:

  • Members age 12 and older may walk on the track. Children ages 6-11 may walk on the track with a responsible adult.
  • Children under age 6 are not allowed on the track.
  • No stationary viewing is allowed from the track. Bleachers are available in the gym.
  • Baby strollers, skate boards, roller blades and roller skates are not allowed.

Attention Parents: Age Requirements for Youth at the YMCA

With 2,900 members, the Y is a busy place and in order to keep our kids as safe as possible, we need the support and cooperation of all parents.

Children Under the Age of 8:

  • The child must be physically present with a parent
  • or the child must be signed into Child Watch (babies must be 6 weeks old)
  • Children age 6 and 7 may walk the track with a parent or may be signed into Kids Club, when available.

Children Age 8-11:

  • The child may be signed into Child Watch
  • or the child may walk the track or engage in activity with a parent
  • or the child must be signed into Kids Club
  • If Kids Club is closed and a parent feels comfortable, the child may be engaged in a safe activity in an approved area (i.e. gym) with a parent periodically checking in on them

Children Under the Age of 12:

  • Must be accompanied by a parent* (except during their class time, if they are enrolled in an instructor/coach-supervised YMCA program).

*A Parent could be substituted by another responsible person or sibling who is age 16 or older. YOUTH YOUNGER THAN 16 ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SUPERVISE CHILDREN UNDER AGE 12 AT THE YMCA.

Youth Age 12 and Over:

  • Youth can be at the YMCA without a parent so long as they are well-behaved and follow the rules.

Youth in Regards to the FITNESS CENTER:

  • Youth ages 12 to 14 are allowed in the Fitness Center after they have completed an orientation and must be supervised by a parent or adult age 18 or older. (higher age requirement for the Fitness Center)
  • Youth age 15 and older can use the Fitness Center without supervision.

Youth in Regards to the GYMNASTICS AREA:

  • Gymnastics equipment is off-limits to everyone, regardless of age, except when enrolled in a YMCA instructor-supervised class time. When a gymnastics class is not in session; the large blue spring floor mat may be used-please remove your shoes.
  • When a gymnastics class is not in session the colorful "Kidz Strength Equipment", it may be used by children age 8-11 with parent discretion; children age 7 and under require parental supervision. The equipment is not recommended for use by pre-school age and younger.

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